Founder and Executive Director

Amanda is a passionate advocate for human rights, non-human welfare, and sustainability. Her journey started while she was an undergraduate in college, when she first learned about factory farming through the non-profit Mercy For Animals. Once her eyes were opened to the the truth, she knew there was no turning back. Her last semester of her undergraduate degree at Marymount Manhattan College, Amanda took an internship at Mercy For Animals and decided to apply to a graduate school program that would further her mission to help non-human animals.

In 2010, Amanda was accepted in the Anthrozoology Master of Science program at Canisius College in Buffalo, NY. After two wonderful years learning about human-animal relationships, Amanda received her Anthrozoology degree and started working for Catskill Animal Sanctuary in Saugerties, NY. Her time spent with the rescued farmed animals was nothing short of life changing.

Having struggled with eating disorders as a teen and young adult, Amanda began to recognize that by becoming engaged and passionate about various issues, her self-esteem improved as well. Looking back, no diet or self-help book made her happy; it was learning about the issues and helping others by making simple changes in her life that made her happy. From that sentiment, BE Beauty was born.

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