The humane education program at BE Beauty focuses specifically on the “beauty industry” in the following ways…


Self love

  1. We focus on eating healthy plant-based foods that nourish our bodies instead of focusing on achieving a certain weight.
  2. We visit an organic farm to learn more about the impact of our diet.
  3. We practice gentle yoga and guided meditation to strengthen our bodies and mind.
  4. We hear talks from experts on creating positive self-image.

Compassion for others

  1. We learn about the impact humans have on farmed animals by visiting an animal sanctuary.
  2. We learn about cosmetics testing on animals and cruelty-free options to support instead.
  3. We take a look at how what we wear impacts the humans that make our clothes and discuss humane alternatives.

Caring for our planet

  1. We go on hikes to experience the beauty of nature and to see first-hand the impact humans can have on it.
  2. We spend the afternoon taking a boat tour of the Long Island Sound and discuss the environmental impact we can have on the world’s waterways.
  3. We get ample sunshine on our faces and get a little dirt on our hands as we discuss the positive effects of getting out in nature.

You might think that a lot of these issues sound daunting and that it’s easier to avoid them than to face them head on. We believe that the opposite is true. By becoming aware of the impact we have on our bodies, the lives of others, and our planet, and by taking simple steps to better those issues with every purchase we make, we are left feeling empowered!