Why we do what we do

The humane education program at BE Beauty focuses specifically on the beauty & fashion industries in the following ways…

Self love

  1. Unrealistic standards of beauty have been portrayed by beauty & fashion industries.
  2. Young women should be made aware of the urgent issues within the beauty & fashion industries.
  3. Becoming involved in a cause bigger than oneself creates long-term happiness.
  4. True beauty shines from the inside out.

Compassion for others

  1. Billions of animals are cruelly and unnecessarily farmed and slaughtered every year for fabrics such as leather, wool, and down.
  2. Millions of innocent animals, such as rabbits and guinea pigs, are painfully tested on each year for cosmetic testing in laboratories.
  3. Hundreds of millions of children are engaged in child labor, with the garment industry being one of the biggest offenders.
  4. Garment workers worldwide earn less than a living wage for making the clothes sold by the fashion industry.

Caring for our planet

  1. Billions of pounds of clothing are thrown away each year.
  2. The majority of plastic cosmetic containers are not recycled by municipal recycling facilities and end up in landfills forever.
  3. Cotton is one of dirtiest agricultural crops, using up more pesticides than any other single crop.
  4. Textile dyes used for fabrics and leather pollute already critically polluted waterways

… and that’s just a start.

To learn more about the ways we are addressing the above issues, please visit our programs page.

Our Programs

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